About Our Jewelry

We love being in a profession that adds to your happiness, whether choosing a unique and personal gift of lasting meaning for someone special, or finding that mixture of color, style and sparkle that just speaks to you.  Cyrus offers the largest collection in the county of gold, sterling and high end fashion jewelry.

Sometimes that perfect vision of a piece of jewelry is completely unique.  Other times you need a tailor fit or would like to update something that you already own or wish to reset your stones into a design that you will enjoy wearing more than you do now.  

For those special items, we invite you to visit our showroom and speak with a designer-jeweler to best understand your design visions, needs.  Let us translate them into something real and tangible.  We are your partners in the design process and invite you to be involved with us throughout this creative journey from sketching to manufacture.

Another Cyrus feature is our collection of antique and vintage jewelry, timepieces and accessories.  Our founder, Mehran Shirazi has restored and preserved an impressive collection of museum-grade jewelry antiquities as well, some dating back thousands of years.  We’re proud to be the caretakers of these extraordinary fine pieces and invite you to stop by and see some of them...better yet, you can touch them and hold them too!  Try doing that in a museum!

While our Museum Collection is not for sale, our Antique Jewelry Collection does have ownership possibilities.  Please come by to speak with one of our jewelry experts for further information or to inquire about our purchasing of your estate items.