About Our Diamonds

The founder of Cyrus Jewelers, Mehran Shirazi, is a G.I.A. graduate and member of the G.I.A Alumni Association. A full gem lab is on premises offering on-site appraisals.

The Gemological Institute of America is the creator of the modern diamond grading system.  They are considered the pinnacle of unbiased integrity and knowledge within the diamond industry.

Most center stones sold by us of a half carat and larger come with G.I.A. certification.

Cyrus has a diamond trade-up policy for all diamonds purchased from us of a half carat or more. Receive the full original retail purchase price for that diamond towards the purchase of your new gem of twice the value or more.

Diamond requests are accepted and matching services are available.

Loose Diamonds Searchable

Cyrus Jewelers, along with the international diamond trade community, maintains a zero tolerance policy towards Conflict Diamonds in accordance with the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process, adopted by the U.S. Congress under President Bush in 2003, is an international commitment and system of means to track and certify diamonds from mine to market in an attempt to disrupt and prevent the trade and export of illegally acquired diamonds. All diamond retailers in America are obliged to purchase their diamonds from manufacturers and distributors who warrant that their products have been obtained through legitimate channels. Cyrus Jewelers is a responsible member of the jewelry industry with the highest of ethical standards. We are proud to be aligned with manufacturers and suppliers who believe in and support these same ideals helping us to ensure that our patrons enjoy their jewelry knowing they were acquired from ethical sources.